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Meet Christina Jackson aka ChriStyle. She is a dedicated loving single mom of 4.  She
was born in one of the top 10 poverty cities in America, Syracuse NY. Although her
environment was challenging, she was blessed with God fearing parents and 3 loving

In 2014 when her only sister was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer, she took
this as my sign to pack up her 3 children to relocate to be with her in Charlotte NC. She lost
her only sister in 2016 to this illness and she also had 2 failed marriages. Even though she
have suffered such loss, she know without a doubt she was an overcomer.

She now found her purpose through actively volunteering at Elevation church being a leader to High school girls. Her mission is to make sure they know who they are in Christ and for them to see
themselves as God sees them. This has been the most fulfilling assignment in her life so
far besides being a mom. She indeed has a story to tell, and she joined Diamond Writers to

find community and support to share my truth.

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