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"Lady T” also known as TeCora Estes Alston, is a Native Washingtonian, Wife, Mother of 3, Entrepreneur, and a well-known member in the community for public service and volunteerism. She has a master’s in Human Resource Management and will receive a second Masters in Public Administration in June of 2023.

Her writing includes fiction and non-fiction, poetry, newswriting, social platform blogs, and previous colligate writing workshops/ opportunities. Her favorite novelists include Sistah Soulja , Toni Morrison, and Maya Angelou. Although her book interests range from children’s novels to adult comic book series, her favorite book of all time is “The Coldest Winter Ever.”

She brings to the Diamond Writers new creative energy, seasoned experiences that reflects the Diamond Writers motto of “Never dimming your light”, and a lifelong commitment to this beautiful sisterhood. She is excited to be a part of likeminded women in this sisterhood who supports one another without threat or competition. This is her first publication but plans to release a self-published novel in the future.

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