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Born and raised in the District of Columbia as a young woman, I have grown in my career to become the CEO of KASH ICONS Consultants. Coaching young entrepreneurs is my passion because the journey of entrepreneurship is not easy and I believe we are stronger together. In addition to coaching, I also provide consulting services, specializing in digital marketing and branding. Assisting small businesses and business owners with establishing and growing a brand and creating a professional brand image is rewarding to know that I am helping a family reach financial freedom and security. 


As a trailblazer and college graduate with a BA in Business Administration, Jazzy Kash has made a name for herself in her career field by providing quality services to assist many successful brands with business growth.  My college education, over 10 years of marketing experience working for companies and as an entrepreneur has helped me to evolve into the CEO and Boss Babe I’ve always dreamed of becoming. Maturing as a business owner and woman has always been very important to me. This journey has come with learning hard lessons, making mistakes and absorbing tons of information and knowledge that I enjoy reflecting on and providing advice when coaching entrepreneurs. 


In 2020, Jazzy Kash became a Diamond Writer, and published her first anthology “Pretty Broken: Transforming Scars to Beauty Marks” compiled by Natima Sheree and the Diamond Writers. Outside of hosting Hustle & Shine podcast and serving as Manager of Public Relations and Outreach for Diamond Writers, I enjoy traveling, spending time with family and friends, and creating as many memories as possible. 


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