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This is your chance to get all 3 anthologies released by the Diamond Writers in one package deal. What's included:


Pretty Broken: Transforming Scars to Beauty Marks- The mindset influenced by popular culture, by way of social media is that “if you look good, your life is good!” As if pretty women don’t have problems! This is a false equivalency and a dangerous narrative. We have become so comfortable adopting this school of thought that we aren’t even honest about the challenges we face or the burdens we carry. We have mastered hiding our pain in a selfie, and only posting what makes us look good and happy, even when we’re hurting. Through this project we hope to challenge this mindset and behavior by sharing our radically transparent and candid stories of failure, disappointment, heartbreak and betrayal.


Beneath The Crown: Her Story, Her Power, Her Voice- To a Diamond, a Queen is a vibe, a nature, a mood, not just a noun. It is a complement to our feminine energy and is comprised of resilience, courage, confidence and sparkle!Nothing and no one can stop a woman who has fully tapped into her “Queen” energy. No fears, doubts, problems, emotions, negative thoughts, worries or cramps can hinder her.She walks in her power, owns her truth and acts as a permission slip for other women to do the same.She is forgiving of her past, intentional in her healing and resolute in her wholeness.Her crown gets heavy from internal battles, daily challenges and sometimes, other peoples problems. Nevertheless, she never lets her crown fall… it may slip, slide, and tilt; may even need an occasional adjustment, but its never dropped or removed.Her commitment to her purpose, her future and her legacy are her motivators.Take inspiration from these brave women who’s transparent and authentic stories of self-discovery, empowerment, shadow work, character building and healing has propelled them into some of the greatest seasons of their lives.


Valid Transparency: Poetic Confessions Of A Transparent Gem- Valid Transparency is a collective of relatable experiences, inspiring journeys and triumphant breakthroughs overcoming emotional invalidation.Emotional invalidation is the “act of dismissing, judging or rejecting someone’s thoughts, feelings, emotions or behaviors.”Whether intentional, unintentional, self-imposed or used by others to manipulate, emotional invalidation can cause pain, deep emotional wounds, trauma, anxiety and feelings of worthlessness.This anthology of transparent and vulnerable confessions was written to reclaim our validity and power, forge healing and accept our internal experiences, thoughts and feelings.

DW Anthology Bundle

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