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This anthology is a compilation in celebration of women’s voices. It is collection of stories intended to inspire, empower and enlighten. While this book is the work of the Diamond Writers (A Words Matter Co. Company), each writer is as unique and authentic as her distinctive work. The mindset influenced by popular culture, by way of social media is that “if you look good, your life is good!” As if pretty women don’t have problems! This is a false equivalency and a dangerous narrative. We have become so comfortable adopting this school of thought that we aren’t even honest about the challenges we face or the burdens we carry. We have mastered hiding our pain in a selfie, and only posting what makes us look good and happy, even when we’re hurting. Through this project we hope to challenge this mindset and behavior by sharing our radically transparent and candid stories of failure, disappointment, heartbreak and betrayal. We want women to be reminded that regardless of how “attractive” someone’s life seems, no one is exempt from hardship, failure or frustration. We’re taking off the make-up, lashes and wigs and offering you the truest version of ourselves in hopes that you are challenged to make the same investments in beautifying the inner you as you do in enhancing your outer appearance. Don’t be pretty and broken when you can be Pretty Complete!

Pretty Broken: Transforming Scars to Beauty Marks

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