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Senior Director- Northeast Operations, VS

Tiffany Mathias is a business professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in the customer service industry. In the height of the pandemic, she decided it was time to take a pivot in her career and explore other ventures. Upon the acceptance of her invitation to join the Diamond Writers major shifts occurred in her life. She became an entrepreneur and published as an independent author.

As an author, she lends her voice as a contributing writer to Transparent Gem, Inc projects. Her introduction into the literary world came when penned her first chapter in  “Pretty Broken”. She returned the following year, partaking in “Beneath the Crown ''. Finding strength in the healing powers of storytelling,  she then branched out into her endeavors. 

She founded the Phoenix Center for Youth Development. As the lead facilitator, she 

designs workshops that provide life and social skills enrichment to marginalized youth in New York City.  Participants of the workshops engage in activities that support a pathway to independence.  

Tiffany is also the creative mind behind Sisterhood and Shenanigans Events where she plans and coordinates networking and group engagements for women that promote partnership, mentorship, and comradery.


Tiffany is an avid lifelong learner. Utilizing her platforms as a writer and facilitator, she powerfully shares her own experiences of facing obstacles, overcoming adversity and the work involved in self reformation to help others. She is passionate about breaking generational curses and blazing trails towards happiness and success. 

Additionally, her passions have allotted her the opportunity to be a coach and leader for a woman’s rites of passage program. Here, she supports individuals that identify as women on a holistic healing journey of self actualization. 

Tiffany holds an honors BA in Human Relations. Utilizing all her credentials and capabilities, Tiffany now works in the nonprofit sector where she supports multiple community based organizations. She resides in the beautiful and culturally rich borough of Brooklyn where she and her husband raise their blended family.  


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