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"Your greatest tool is your voice, your greatest influence is your story and your greatest force is you..." - Natima Sheree, Founder

The Diamond Writers, a subsidiary of Transparent Gem Inc., is a women-only coterie, and writing collective founded in March 2020, by author, book enthusiast, and Queen Pen, Natima Sheree who recognized the value of providing a safe space for women to share their stories, build sisterhood, and foster their healing through writing. 

Natima's mission and vision is to provide a community that empowers women to:

  • Prioritize self-care and soul-care.

  • Break generational trauma patterns and cycles. 

  • Cultivate hope and faith in God. 

  • Establish and enforce healthy boundaries.

  • Own their truth, control their narrative and inspire others through their stories.

The Diamond Writers is built upon the following core values: Accountability, Authenticity, Transparency, Integrity. Respect and Sisterhood

Natima places a high value on authentic sisterhood and has cultivated a non-competitive safe space for women to uplift one another, nurture a culture of belonging and accountability and fortify the collective pursuit of self-improvement and growth. 


The Diamond Writers also serves as a repository for the creative works of women on their healing journey who are transforming and evolving into purpose driven storytellers, authors and literary influencers. 

Are you ready to share your story? Write With Us

A Look Back: The Diamond Standard ATL Retreat & Book Release Event May 2023 
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