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Senior Director- Northeast Operations, VVS

Once upon a time there was a young girl who was told, “Tiffany, you have great potential, you just
need to stop talking and focus.” As a result, that young girl boxed up all her words and placed them neatly in the back of a closet for many years. Those words stayed buried until a perfect storm of a globalpandemic, a broken ankle and a text message all but kicked the hinges off that closet door.
Tiffany Mathias is an author, coach, podcaster, and public servant. She is a seasoned business
professional who works in the nonprofit sector. A woman who was once told to stop talking has lent her voice to four Diamond Writers projects; Pretty Broken, Beneath the Crown, Valid Transparency and She Is. Tiffany is also the founder of a youth empowerment program, The Phoenix Center for Youth Development. As founder and lead facilitator, she designs workshops that provide life and social skills enrichment to marginalized youth in New York City. Participants of these workshops engage in activities that support a pathway to independence. She is also the creative mind behind Sisterhood and Shenanigans Events where she plans and coordinates networking and group engagements for women that promote partnership, mentorship, and comradery.

Tiffany is an avid lifelong learner. Utilizing her platforms as a writer and facilitator, she powerfully
shares her own experiences of facing obstacles, overcoming adversity and the work involved in self
reformation to help others. She is passionate about breaking generational curses and blazing trails
towards happiness and success.

Tiffany holds an honors BA in Human Relations. She resides in the beautiful and culturally rich
borough of Brooklyn, NY where she and her husband raise their blended family. When Tiffany is not
leading, writing, or mentoring, she enjoys dancing, being one with nature and listening to music.


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