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Solitaire Diamond

Meet Dr. Joyce Gholson DO, known to us as Vanessa Peters. She comes with over 15 years of Primary Care  experience.  Through personal and professional circumstances, she was introduced to the reality of pain and addiction. She quickly noticed that people process pain ( whether it be mental or physical) in different ways.

Through her patients she has learned that there are many ways to cope with life challenges.
Some of us are not fortunate to learn the basic coping mechanisms, or we’ve learned that the
way of coping is by self medication, mutilation, or through harm including financial, as in
gambling or overspending. It can affect not just the patient but the patient’s family. It is a vicious

cycle that must be stopped! It will affect generations.

Through her employment in outpatient medicine, prescribing suboxone, she noticed that she didn’t
necessarily change her patient's demographic. Addiction affects everyone. Through her
experience in a Level 3 detox program, she realized there are different modalities to treat patients.
Much like a diabetic who develops hyperosmotic state, there is a hospital based detox or Level

4 analogous to ICU.

Through her own personal experience starting a family, having reproductive issues, surviving
strokes, developing seizures, having 2 boys, and a husband that depends on her;
she learned that we as women are more powerful than we can imagine.


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