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Becoming a Diamond is Priceless!
As a Diamond Writer you will become a published author OR add an additional literary project to your catalog.  You will earn extra money from independent book sales and grow your network & generate speaking engagements and collaboration opportunities.

Membership Fee: $35/month (autopay required) OR $399/ yearly (5% discount applied)

Enrollment is open
October 1st - October 22nd
Interest calls will be held on Oct 5th and 12th at 7pm ES

Register for one of the Interest Calls

What’s Expected of You as a Diamond Writer

1.Regular engagement in the private Diamond Writers Facebook Group

2.Participation and attendance to bi-weekly team meetings

3.Share, promote and champion the Diamond Writers

4.Commit and contribute to at least one anthology during your membership/enrollment year

5.Represent, and act on the behalf of the Diamond Writers with integrity, respect and ethics

What You Can Expect as a Diamond Writer

1.Support, coaching and mentorship during the writing process

2.A unique and personalized Diamond Writers signature logo for branding and marketing

3.Two complimentary copies of anthology post publication

4.Two VIP tickets to the Diamond Writers author reception and book release event following publication and project completion

5.Unpaid anthologist participation

6.Opportunities to join and serve on the Diamond Writers Executive and Leadership teams

To begin your membership process, complete the form below

Thanks for your interst in becoming a Diamond! Please check your email for further details (be sure to check your spam).

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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