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Write With Us. Shine With Us.

Annual Open Enrollment for the 2025 - 2026 Writing Year begins Fall 2024

What’s Expected of You as a Diamond Writer

1. To prioritize your healing and wholeness journey. 

2. To contribute to and cultivate a culture of sisterhood and collaboration. 

3. To share, promote and champion the Diamond Writers

4. Commit and contribute to at least one anthology during your membership/enrollment year.

5. Represent, and act on the behalf of the Diamond Writers with integrity, respect and ethics.

What You Can Expect as a Diamond Writer

1. Support, coaching, and mentorship during the writing process

2. A unique and personalized Diamond Writers signature logo for branding and marketing

3.Complimentary copies of anthology post publication

4. VIP tickets to a series of T.G.I and Diamond Writer curated events

5.Anthologist participation

6. Co-membership and automatic enrollment in the Diamond Influencer program. 

Thanks for your interst in becoming a Diamond! Please check your email for further details (be sure to check your spam).

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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