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LaVie, Nee Charline is a multifaceted talent, encompassing various roles in the entertainment
and wellness industries.  LaVie is a haitian born currently residing in South Florida. She is a wife, mother and entrepreneur.  With a rich background as a performing artist, voiceover actor, public
speaker, event host, and curator, LaVie has honed her skills over 15 years of life experience and
extensive training.
LaVie's passion for inspiring others and sharing knowledge has led her to touch the lives of
many. She has delivered impactful talks on topics such as emotional intelligence, wellness, and
achieving one's full potential. Through her engaging and empowering speaking style, LaVie
motivates individuals to overcome challenges, seek personal growth, and live a balanced life.
As an event host and curator, LaVie has organized and hosted numerous successful events,
empowering women, raising funds for children in need, and creating memorable experiences
for her audiences. Her authenticity and ability to connect with people make her an ideal choice
for hosting diverse gatherings.
LaVie is also dedicated to wellness and success advocacy, promoting practical approaches to
self-care and personal growth through her initiative "Emerge W.O.M.A.N.". She believes in
nurturing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve overall well-being and fulfillment. LaVie's
insights and guidance have inspired many to embark on transformative journeys towards a
more balanced and purposeful life.
LaVie's commitment to making a positive impact extends to philanthropy as well. She actively
participates in charitable initiatives, supporting causes that align with her values and seeking to
uplift children in need. Through her non-profit organization, Give Thanks, Inc., LaVie strives to
create a better world and empower young people.

In addition to all this, LaVie is also a Realtor with her company Se Lavie Real Estate.
With her diverse skill set, infectious energy, and genuine desire to uplift others, LaVie continues
to leave a lasting impression as an influential performer, voiceover actor, public speaker, event
host, curator, wellness and success advocate, and philanthropist. Her unwavering dedication to
her craft and commitment to making a difference make her a true force to be reckoned with.


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