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Senior Director- Enablement & Enrichment, VS

Danielle Lawson, known to us as Lady JA, is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist with a Master’s in Public Administration who currently residing in Rockland County, NY. She began her studies at Marist College majoring in Bio-Pre Med, changing her major, to Laboratory Science, at the end of her first semester sophomore year, after losing her mother to cancer at 51 years old. Homelessness, needing to work while in school and right after graduating forced her focus to change.

Her mother, Judith, was an avid reader and always impressed upon her the importance of literary

knowledge and expression of self. Growing up in a single parent home with an absent father caused some significant emotional struggles. Over time, with growth and self-reflection, she has found that her story holds value in being the example of what strength over fear can produce.


Her story is her power, her story is what she hopes will help someone else not give up on themselves or give in to the disappointment of another.


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