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Creative & Branding Lead, Le'Vian

Tier’a V. Berry, a proud New Yorker born and raised in Rochdale Village, Queens. With a deep passion for working with children and helping families, Tier’a’s journey towards youth development began at a young age. Initially aspiring to be a teacher, she discovered her true calling while working at a community program in The Bronx.  This amazing experience opened her eyes to endless possibilities. Embracing her role as a community leader in The South Bronx, Tier’a accumulated over 15 years of experience in youth development, equipping her with invaluable skills, knowledge, genuine love for serving the community and over 20 years of early childhood experience.


In the face of a life-altering experience that impacted her family, Tier’a found solace and healing with the Diamond Writers. Fueled by determination and a desire to not lose it all. Recognizing her passion in digital marketing, she now serves as our Creative & Branding Lead, LeVian Diamond. Along her journey, Tier’a has also embraced a career as an author and public speaker, specifically as an Epilepsy Awareness Advocate and Inspiration Speaker. 


In 2024, we eagerly anticipate Tier’a’s debut as a Diamond Writer contributing author in the release of She Is…


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