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Creative & Branding Lead, Le'Vian

Tier’a V. Berry, known to the Diamonds as Sweetts Writes is a 80’s baby from Jamaica Queens. A Queen from Queens thriving off of the liveliness of The Bronx. She is a Mother, Author and Youth Development Professional. 

She discovered her love for writing and community work in High School. 

While working for the Police Athletic League she had the opportunity to grow in her skills and talents. She started out with the lowest position available and continued in excellence until she became the Center Director.  This opportunity gave her the chance to support the community in every way she could and work directly with children. Service is her passion and calling. This job gave her the opportunity to grow in so many ways. Event planning, facilitating trainings and working closely with her staff to ensure that they work effectively with the participants were her favorite tasks. 


Writing an essay to become the President of the Rochdale Community Center and being challenged to write a poem about herself in school. She won the position and was introduced to a self she had never known. “Black Beauty” was the first poem she wrote and she tried her best to live out the wonderful woman described in that piece. Since then she has managed a crazy love affair with storytelling through poetry and short stories, all in which she kept hidden to herself until recently.  


Tier'a currently serves as a host on BIGOtv, a live stream platform, Host Resource Manager and the Founders Assistant of SkillZ Agency. She supports new hosts with their audition videos, create schedules and support individuals with signing up for events. As a host, she host livestreams encouraging her audience with affirmations. She also sells wine through One Hope Wine. As a causeprenuer, a portion of funds collected is donated to children with epilepsy. 

Life served some tough times and then her youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy and then Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. September 2022 became a new beginning in life after having lost so much while sacrificing for her family’s wellness. Upon her son’s recovery she found herself drawn to The Diamond Writers. Feeling a space where she can heal, grow and encourage others. It is finally time for this poetic thinker to utilize her love for writing and service to encourage other women to be the greatness they embody. 

Tier'a is a determined woman driven to make an impact on everyone who crosses her path. Through faith and love, she lives out her purpose of service.


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