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Executive Director- Diamond Operations, VVS

Mel Vanderpool, MVPen is a New York native currently residing in Fort Lauderdale. She is a Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Chef, Author and Public Speaker. She has over 20 years of experience in event planning, corporate events, community events and management. She is an innovative thinker who enjoys planning, producing and managing events and talent. Her no nonsense approach to planning events puts her a step above the rest.


Having started her first company at the age of 17 she has tackled the many advertises of entrepreneurship.  With an MBA in Project Management she enjoys putting the pieces of the puzzle together.  Her long time love of music and the arts in conjunction with her knack for design,  planning and negotiation  have put her in place to provide exceptional service to her clients.

In 2018, Mel founded MVP Management Services a full service management company specializing in talent, event and brand management. She has worked with a variety of talented artists and upcoming companies to assist them with bringing their dreams to life. In 2023, she underwent a rebrand to encompose all of her different ventures and Her The MVP was birthed.

In 2019, she founded and launched MAPS (multimedia, arts and performance scholarship), a scholarship program designed for high school seniors with a passion for the Arts. The program affords financial awards to selected students and  connects them with successful individuals in the field of passion.  The program also hosts the annual Black Excellence Gala where the scholarship recipients are honored and industry greats can network.


In 2020, she was recognized by the Global Trade Chamber as a recipient of the 100 Successful Woman in Business.

Having always been a poet, the literary world was no stranger. Mel always found it easier to express herself in written form. After the death of her father who was a complete literature buff, she decided to honor him by writing a children's book. After years of stalling, in 2020 Mel released her first children's book "Do You See What I See?", available in our Sparkle (shop) and on Amazon . Then after years of friendship and tons of conversations, she joined the Diamond Writers where she serves as the Executive Director of Diamond Operations, contributing author in Beneath The Crown ( 2022), Valid Transparency (2023), She Is...(2024), and Hustle & Shine podcast host.


Her The MVPen is here! 

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