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Forget what you think you know about a Queen and the crown that adorns her head. The Diamond Writers have redefined and readdressed its meaning and qualifiers…

To a Diamond, a Queen is a vibe, a nature, a mood, not just a noun. It is a complement to our feminine energy and is comprised of resilience, courage, confidence and sparkle!

Nothing and no one can stop a woman who has fully tapped into her “Queen” energy. No fears, doubts, problems, emotions, negative thoughts, worries or cramps can hinder her.

She walks in her power, owns her truth and acts as a permission slip for other women to do the same.

She is forgiving of her past, intentional in her healing and resolute in her wholeness.

Her crown gets heavy from internal battles, daily challenges and sometimes, other peoples problems. Nevertheless, she never lets her crown fall… it may slip, slide, and tilt; may even need an occasional adjustment, but its never dropped or removed.

Her commitment to her purpose, her future and her legacy are her motivators.

Take inspiration from these brave women who’s transparent and authentic stories of self-discovery, empowerment, shadow work, character building and healing has propelled them into some of the greatest seasons of their lives. 


Beneath The Crown: Her Story, Her Power, Her Voice

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