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There is nothing great about a break-up; they suck! Period! Even when handled with compassion and the highest level of maturity, they can be painful. Even if the relationship was brief, break-ups cause you to question your worth, confidence and your faith in love.


If your partner ended things, you feel rejected; if you ended things, you experience mixed feelings of guilt and sadness. And in those rare amicable situations when the split is a mutual decision, it's still an ending prompting feeling of failure.


With all the "relationship goals" inundating our timelines and social media feed, it's easy to succumb to feelings of inadequacy and fear following a break-up. Now, I'm no relationship expert, coach, counselor or trained professional, but I do have some advice and best practices I want to share with you that helped me heal from a very painful and pivotal break-up.


This journal is a collection of stories documenting my "break-up recovery" journey, some of my favorite affirmations that I leveraged daily to keep a positive vibe and productive mindset, and space for you to journal your thoughts and feelings.


Healing from a break-up isn't easy, but it is possible. Trust the process and commit to the journey. I promise you will show up on the other side healthy and whole.

S.A.V.A.G.E Healing Journal

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