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Valid Transparency is a collective of relatable experiences, inspiring journeys and triumphant breakthroughs overcoming emotional invalidation.

Emotional invalidation is the “act of dismissing, judging or rejecting someone’s thoughts, feelings, emotions or behaviors.”

Whether intentional, unintentional, self-imposed or used by others to manipulate, emotional invalidation can cause pain, deep emotional wounds, trauma, anxiety and feelings of worthlessness.

This anthology of transparent and vulnerable confessions was written to reclaim our validity and power, forge healing and accept our internal experiences, thoughts and feelings.

It is our hope that our authentic, real and relevant stories will inspire you to:
*Notice and accept your feelings
*Acknowledge your strengths, successes, progress and effort
*Prioritize your needs
*Increase your self-awareness
* Normalize self-validation


Contributing Authors: Natima Sheree, Mel V, Lady J A, Lena E, Jessica Newman, Dyisha Parker, Sam Moore, Tiffany Fionix Mathias, Suma Leone,


Cover Illustrator: L. Butler

Valid Transparency: Poetic Confessions Of A Transparent Gem

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